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How Our Process Works

Spring, TX Clients Love Our Clear and Easy Process!

FREE Initial Inspection

Your Project Manager performs a FREE initial inspection of your roof and your entire home to determine if there enough damage to warrant filing a claim. We do not want to waste your time or ours. Note: Your policy cannot be canceled for a weather-related claim.

Consultation Representation Agreement

If we find enough damage, Freedom Home Services signs a conditional agreement with you that allows us to represent you to the insurance company and its representatives.



We Help You Submit Your Insurance Claim

For your convenience, we assist you with calling in your insurance claim at the time of our initial inspection and scheduling an inspection with your adjuster.

Assistance with HOA Approval

We will assist you in completing any required paperwork for your HOA.

We Work With Adjuster During Insurance Inspection

When your adjuster comes, we are there to assist them and show them all the damage we found, if necessary.

Next, You Should Receive Payment

When the claim is approved, you will receive the first of two checks from your insurance company, either immediately or by mail in a few days. Note: If you have a mortgage, your check will probably be made out to you and your lender. Both you and your lender must endorse the check before your work can begin. We will provide additional advice to you on this step as needed

Submitting Payment to Your Project Manager

Once the check arrives contact us with information on when the check will be endorsed and available for pick-up or mail-out (Your Project Manager will provide a self-addressed, self-stamped envelope for your convenience)

Scheduling Your Project

We schedule your project within about a week.

Project Starts

Once our crew and materials are at your site, we will collect your deductible and your first insurance check if we have not yet received it.  

Project is Completed

Your work will be completed, usually in one or two days

Final Payment Made

Once your insurance company sends the final check to complete payment please contact our office immediately. Your Project Manager will arrange to pick up.

What if My Claim is Still Denied?

If the claim is denied, we can schedule a second and even third inspection if necessary to get approval. Many claims are approved at this point. We can also provide you with information about the legal process and refer you to an attorney who specializes in storm damage if your claim is still denied. Note. There is no cost to you.