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When a home suffers from water damage or higher-than-normal indoor humidity, different types of mold can appear over time. Between roof and plumbing leaks or openings around your windows, mold can spread in little as 48-72 hours. We’re proud to offer a number of mold and mildew removal services, helping to keep your home free from harmful bacteria.

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Removing Mold in Your Home

Because mold spores exist almost everywhere, hiring a professional mold inspector is the first step if you suspect to have a mold problem. When you contact our team, we’ll set up an initial mold inspection to survey the surfaces in your home such as bathrooms, window frames, caulking, ventilation systems, plumbing, cabinets, drywall, wallpaper, carpeting, or even furniture. It’s our goal to identify the affected areas so that we can respond immediately, helping to limit any further damage to your home.

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Mold Remediation in Spring, TX

In the Greater Houston area, we experience a lot of rain and flooding. Throughout the years, we’ve handled a number of mold situations and discovered the best ways to reduce irreversible structural damage. Whether it’s applying microbial products to kill mold spores or isolate affected areas with advanced equipment, we’re committed to making your home safe for you and your family to live and breathe in.



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